Kink Aware Therapy and Education Academy

KTCI Mission

The primary mission of KTCI is to educate medical, mental health, and sex education professionals on the proper care and understanding of those who identify as gender, sexual, or relationship outsiders. Our goals are to reduce the stigma associated with the “Kink” community and normalize the concept of sexual outsiders in the hopes of increasing awareness, research, and the quality of healthcare for these special populations.

With the advent of the Internet, those who participate in alternative forms of relationship, gender, and sexual expression have come together as a community and have created a new sexual minority subculture. The clinical needs of this community are different than the traditional mental health client and it is important for all mental health clinicians and healthcare providers to be familiar with the standard of care that may be different in the varied populations that make up this community.

The Kink Aware Therapy Program offers a fundamental and advanced working knowledge and important clinical considerations and interventions in the treatment of this population based upon one clinician’s 20 plus years of experience, the current research, and community literature.

Our program includes a companion textbook, Working with Kink Clients: A Clinician’s Manual. The text is designed to follow the program and offers an extensive appendix collection of tools for the students to use in their future work.

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling CE Provider Number 50-19853